Sunday, 19 August 2012

Model questions from GK for IPO and Postal /Sorting Assistant Examination

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Q1   The  First Indian  to receive  Magsayasay  Award

Vinoba Bhave
Q2  Where was India’s  first steel plant set up?

Q3 Second Largest Human Organ

Q4 A  Person one hundred years old or older

Q5  The lady  who quit  IAS and later won the Magsayasay Award

Aruna Roy 
Q6  The 13th century Italian explorer who came to India

Marco Polo
Q7   “ Speed Post   “ by Shobha De discusses (Philately/P&T Department/Speed Post /None  of  these)

None of these
Q8  The number of articles in Indian  Constitution

Q9 The first Asian woman to swim the English Channel

Arati  Saha
Q10  Human face  has ----------- bones
Q11 The first Indian  state  to come  under President’s Rule
Q12  India  has issued  a postage stamp of Rs 45 in honour of  ------------------

Mother Terasa
Q13   Gandhiji  was born in 1869 at Porbandar

In 1869 at Porbandar
Q14  The oldest football  club in India 

Mohan  Began

Q15 Which country  built the first nuclear power station

Q16   The first woman Chief  Election  Commissioner  of India
V S Ramadevi
Q17  TTOEFL,TWE and TSEL are examinations  to  test  proficiency  in 

Q18  An Indian won  the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1998  Name him

Amartya sen

Q19  The highest denomination of the Indian Postage stamp

Rs 50
Q20   India’s first deputy  Prime  Minister

Vallabhabhai  Patel
Q21   What does millennium mean

A Thousand years
Q22  Who painted  “ The last supper “

 Leonardo da  Vinci
Q23  Name the National Flower of India

Q24 What is  the average heart beat in  a human body  per minute

Q25 What is  the  study  of  drugs  called

Q26  What is a calorie

 A calorie is  the amount of  energy  needed to  raise the  temperature of one gram ofg water  by  one degree  Celsius
Q27   What is ECG ?

Electro Cardio Graph
Q28  Which  atom has  only  one electron 

Q29  ISDN stands for 

Integrated  Services Digital Networks
Q30   ASCII  stands for

American standard Code for information   Interchange
Q31  what do  “a.m” and  p.m stand for 

a.m   means ante meridiem  or before noon
p.m means Post  meridiem  or afternoon
Prepared by S  Jayachandran, SA, Divisional Office  , Mavelikara -690101- 9961464279

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