Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Post Office Guide , Manual and Saving Manual details.................................

Post office Guide – Part I

Contains guidelines to customers transacting in various Postal products in inland mail and other financial services and details the conditions subject to which

Post office Guide – Part II

This guide deals with conditions for posting of international mail

Post office Guide – Part III

It Contains the list of Post offices
 Post office Guide  Part IV

This guide relates to Post office Savings bank and certificates
Postal Manual Volume 1
This is a compilation of legislative enactments related to Post office.  It contains the following acts and rules

The Indian Post office Rules, 1933
The Government Savings Banks Act 1873
The Post office Cash Certificates Act 1917
The Post office Savings Banks (Nomination) Rules, 1960

Postal Manual Volume II
It Contains general guidelines, rules relating to organization matters, appeals, petitions, stock, budget and buildings

Postal Manual Volume III
Rules relating to discipline

Postal Manual Volume IV
 Rules relating to appointments, promotions, leave and establishment

Postal Manual Volume V
Rules relating to mails and investigation

Postal Manual Volume VI

This is in three parts and contains rules relating to Postal operations except Savings bank and certificates
Postal Manual Volume VI
Part I

Rules relating to collection and delivery of ordinary and accountable mail

Postal Manual Volume VI
Part II

Rules relating to booking, transmission, payment and accounting of Money orders
Postal Manual Volume VI
Part III
Rules relating to functioning of sub accounts branch, accounting in POs, Duties of postmen and letter box attendants
 Postal Manual Volume VII

Rules relating to operations in Railway mail service
Post office Savings Bank Manual Volume I

Contains rules relating to various types of savings accounts
Post office Savings Bank Manual Volume II

Contains rules relating to transactions in various types of Savings Certificates
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