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Previous Year Question Paper - PM Cadre I Examination Date 29.05.2011 Question No 1 to 125

Previous  year question  paper -  PM  Cadre  I  Exam    29.05.211
1.  E-IOD (e-Intimation of Delivery) service is available for customers of:

(A)  Speed Post Service
(B)  Bulk customers registering themselves for the service
(C)  Express Parcel Post Retail
(D)  Speed Post Service  wanting ‘Addressee Specific’ delivery

2. The treatment given to an international parcel in  theevent of non-delivery is dependent upon:
(A) Sender’s instructions
(B)  Weight of parcel
(C)  Condition of parcel
(D)  All the above
3.  What is the maximum permissible weight for a packet in the category “Literature for the Blind”?:
(A) 7 Kg  (B) 10 Kg  (C) 10 pounds  (D) 2 Kg
4.  Documentation in Form CN-23 accompanying  international mail articles serves the purpose of:
(A) Despatch Note (B) Customs declaration   (C)  Statement of charges  (D)  Report in respect of irregularities
5.  Mark the incorrect option:
(A)  The special registration envelopes provided by the Post Office cannot be used for the transmission  of unregistered article
(B)  Reuse  of a stamp that has already been used for payment of postage or postal fee is an offence under  the Indian Penal Code

(C)  Manufacture and use of fictitious postage stamps for any purpose whatsoever is an offence under  Indian  Penal Code

(D)  Postage stamps which have been cut and separated  from embossed envelopes or postcards can be used  in payment of postage

6.  Mark the correct option:

(A)  The weight of privately manufactured letter card  should not exceed 3 gram
(B)  The weight of letter should not exceed 4 kg
(C)  The weight of registered parcel should not exceed 35 kg
(D)  The weight of book packet should not exceed 2 kg

7. What is the main function of a Sub Foreign Post  Office?:

(A)  To send direct bags to foreign countries
(B)  To enable senders/addressees to present documents  etc  for the dispatch or release of their international articles
(C)  To function as an intermediary office  for  closed surface transit bags
(D)  To expedite the transmission of international mail

8.  S.A.L. refers to:

(A)  Superior Air Liability

(C)  Surface and Air Limitation
(D)  Special Airmail Logistics
9.  Mark the correct option.

The Indian Post Office is exempted by law from all responsibility in the case of:

(A)  Loss,  misdelivery or delay of registered article in course of transmission by post

(B)  Wrong payment of inland money order

(C)  Wrong delivery of insured letter

(D)  Wrong delivery of insured parcel

10. The loss of a Speed Post article should be reported to the Police through FIR if the value of the contents of the article is:

(A)  ` 2500/- or more
(B)  ` 4,000/- or more
(C)  ` 5,000/- or more
(D)  ` 10,000/- or more

11. Who  will write orders for remittance cash to a Sub Office on daily account received?:
(A)  Sub account assistant
(B) Assistant Postmaster
(C) Treasurer
(D) Head Postmaster

12. Mark the correct statement:

(A)  In  Head  Post  Office, the Sub Account Assistant  should  see that all the SPM’s monthly reports from
Sub Offices, are received on last working day of the month

(B)  The SPM’s monthly reports should be signed and  stamped by the Sub Account Assistant on the date of  receipt and made over to the Head Postmaster
(C)  The Head Postmaster  will scrutinize the  SPM’s monthly reports thoroughly and  issue  necessary
instructions, if any, to the SPM concerned

13. Who  will transfer the account bag with enclosed  sealed cash bag for dispatch to Sub Office to the
Sorting / Mail Department?

(A) Delivery Assistant
(B) Treasurer
(C)  Sub Account Assistant
(D)  Packer of the branch

14. What action will be taken if any document attached to  a  daily account  is inadmissible on account of any  irregularity in its preparation or is not duly authenticated?

(A)  The document should be returned for rectifications  and may be admitted on receipt of rectified document
(B)  The item should be disallowed and case be reported  to Superintendent of Post Offices or Inspector Posts
(C)  A  revised  document  should be called for or the  document should be returned for rectification but the  item to which it relates should be  admitted  and included in the accounts of  the  account office as

(D)  A revised document should be called for and the item  should  be charged under the head of unclassified   receipts or payment

15. The Order Book of a Record Office:
(A)  Is a permanent record and should not be destroyed at   all
(B)  May be destroyed as usual  after  expiry of  the  preservation period
(C)  May not be destroyed without the special permission  of the Superintendent
(D)  May not be destroyed without the special permission  of Head of the Circle / Region

16. The present system of bag accounting was introduced  with the object of:
(A)  Cutting  down the circulation of empty bags to the minimum possible
(B)  Ensuring adequate working stock of  bags  in  each  office
(C)  Ensuring that bags are not withdrawn for irregular use  or misuse
(D) All above
17. Which of the following documents of IPOs are submitted  from HO to Postal Accounts on 1st of each month:
(A)  List of IPO sold
(B)  Spoiled Postal Order
(C)  Memorandum of unsold IPO
(D)  All of the above

PM Cadre Exam I - Let us start our class

PM Cadre I Exam  -   30th June  2013

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Solved questions Postal/Sorting Assistants Exam held 12.05.2013 (Part B Maths )

The average temperature  of three days is  24 o c  .if  temperature  on  the  first two  days  is  20  o c  and  25 o  c  respectively then  the  temperature  on  the  third  day
a 22  ½    b 23   c 27   d 24

   The total temperature recorded on three days   was 24*3=72
   First two days  temperature     20+25  = 45
   Then last days temperature  is   72-45=27

  So  Answer  is  c  27
Two  trains  leave  stations  p  and  q 110  km  apart  train  from  p  and  q  travels  at 25 km/hr and  train  from  q to  p  at  30 km/hr  if they  both  start  at  8 AM  they  meet at
a  10.40 AM    b  09.00 AM  c 8.45 AM   d  None  of these ,
Suppose they meet x hours after 8  a.m.
Distance covered by P  in x hours = 25x km.
Distance covered by q  in  x  hours = 30xkm
Therefore 25x + 30x = 110
55x = 110
they meet at 10 a.m.
So  Answer  d   None  of  these

The average score of  Sachin Tendulkar in  IPL  15  Matches is 70  Runs and the  average score in  Border Gavaskar Trophy  T-20  Matches  is 45 runs in  7  Matches .

a 990 b 971  c 982 c None  of these

 If he  has played 10  more  international T-20  matches and his  overall  average  score  in T-20 Matches was 73 runs .

what was  his   total  score  in  10  international T-20  Matches 

  Average  score in  15  matches   is  70    so  total scored    in 15   Matches    15*70=           1050

  Average  score in  7  matches   is  45    so  total scored    in  7   Matches    7*45=  1050=      315
          If he played  10  more  match then  t-20  matches average will  become  73

Ie  total matches  played   15+7+10= 32 
                                                                          73=   1050+315+x/32

                                                                          73= 1365x/32

                                                    73*32=1365x= 2336=1365x
   .’.    x=2336-1365=  971    ie  2336/32= 73

So   Answer is   b  971

Solved question -PA/SA Exam held on 12.05 2013
A sum of Rs 8000 generates Rs 1261 as compound interest in 3 Years . Interest being compound annually . The rate of compound interest is 
a 20 % b 2.5 % c 10 % d 5 % 
r = ( FV / PV )1/n – 1


So Answer d 5 %
Three items are purchased at Rs 380 each . One of them is sold at a loss of 10% . The others are sold so as to gain 25% on the whole transaction ? what is the gain % on these two items

a 44.5 % b.42.5 % c 40.5 % d None of these 

Cost price = 380*3 = 1140

If 25 % is gain is needed then 

our target SP of total goods = 125/100×1140=Rs.1425

cost price of one item is Rs 380

SP of one item = 90/100×380=Rs.342

SP of the remaining goods = 1425 – 342 = Rs. 1083

Cost price of two items = 380*2= 760
323/760*100= 42.5 % 

So Answer is b 42.5% 

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Solved questions from Postal /Sorting assistants Examination held on 12.05.2013 GK 1 to 25

Q1  The  central  government  on  1st  Jan  2013  launched  the  pilot phase of  direct   benefits   transfer scheme under  this    scheme  the  cash  will  be  directly  transferred to  the  intended  beneficiaries  through

    Answer   Aadhar linked  Bank  accounts
Q2 Identify  the  three leader states  in  wind  energy among  the  following 

Answer  Tamilnadu ,   Maharashtra  ,  Gujarat 
Q3  Dr  Montak  Ahuwallia  said  recently  that  the  term  ‘Bimaru ‘  states  should  be done  away  with  .  Which  states  was/were termed  as  Bimaru  states  ?

Answer   Bihar , Madhya  Pradesh, Rajasthan, Utterpradesh
4  Bhopal  Gas tragedy  is  associated  with  leakage of 

Answer   Methyl  ISO  Cryanate 
5 Which  company  has  developed  AKASH ,  the  cheapest  tablet computer  ?

Answer   Datawind 
Q6  Which  of  the  following  articles  of constitution  says  that  the  executive  power  of  every  state  shall  be  so  exercised  as  not  to  impede  or  prejudices the  exercise  of  the  executive  power  of  India 

Answer   : Article  257
A7  The  distance  between  the  earth  and  Sun  is greatest during 

Answer   Aphelion
Q8 Who  is the  General  Secretary   of  CPI (M)

Answer   Prakash  Karat 
Q9  Who  was named   AIFF  (All  India  Football  Federation)  player of  the  year  2012?

Answer    Syed Rahim Nabi
Q10   How  many  gold  medals  were  won   by  India  at Copa Brazil-2012   Tournament  for  wrestling

Answer   Nine 
Q11  The  Reserve Bank  of  India  has asked  banks  to  ensure withdrawal of  Non –CTS 2010  standard  cheques  with  CTS  standard  2010  cheque  by

Answer     None  of  these
Q12 Recently  consensus  on GST  have  been  arrived  by  centre  and  states  what  does  GST  means 
Answer                Goods  and  service  Tax 
Q13 Who  was recently  elected as Vice  President  of  Indian  National  Congress 

Answer          Rahul  Gandhi 
Q14 The  government  of  India  has  given  ------------  languages  of  the  Eighth  Schedule   the  status  of  official  language  .

Answer               22 
Q15 Who  was  world  biggest  exporter  of  rice  in   2012 as per the  latest  report  b y  food  &  Agriculture  organization  

Answer             India 
Q16   The  national  development  council  has  approved  recently  the  12th  five  year  plan  and   set  an  annual  average  growth  target  of

Answer             8.2 %
Q17   India  on  Oct 4  2012   successfully  test  fired  nuclear  capable  Prithvi –II ballistic  missile  from  a  test   range  of  Balasore  . This  was  a 

Answer    Surface  to  surface  missile 
Q18  The  refractive  indices  of  Kerosene , Turpentine and  water  are  1.44, 1.47 and  1.33 respectively. Light  will  have  maximum  speed in 

Answer            Water 
Q19  Who  is  credited  with  the  discovery  of  Electron  ?

Answer  J.J. Thompson
Q20  Which  of  the  following  gases  are  given  out  during  photosynthesis

Answer   Oxygen
Q21 What is the  script  of Ashoka’s Inscriptions?
Answer           Brahmi
Q22  The  first  temporary  president  of  constitutional l  assembly  was

Answer  Dr. Sachchidananda Sinha
Q23  Which  among  the  following  was  the  major  demand  of  the  Bardoli Satyagraha (1928) organized  under  the  leadership  of  Sardar  Vallabh  Bhai  Patel

Answer   Rollback  of  newly  enhanced  revenue   rate 
Q24  During the  time  of  which  Mughal  emperor  did  the  English  East India  company  establish  its  first  factory  In  india 
Answer               Jahangir
Q25  Find  the  incorrect statements 

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Solved questions postal/sorting assistants Exam 2013 GK

Q1. Which is the host country for the inaugural T-20 World Cricket Cup for the blind?
(a) Pakistan   (b) India  (c) Sri-Lanka  (d) West Indies
Ans.(b) India

Q2. 2012 Champions Trophy Hockey Tournament was won by?
(a) Pakistan  (b) India  (c) Australia  (d) Netherlands  Ans.(c) Australia

Q3. Mr. Cyrus Pallonji Mistry took over as the chairman of which industrial group recently?
(a) Tata Group  (b) Reliance Group  (c) Aditaya Vikram Birla Group  (d) GMR Group
Ans.(a) Tata Group

Q4. Which launch vehicle is expected to be used by ISRO for its 2013 Mars Mission?
(a) Satellite Launch Vehicle  (b) Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle  (c) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
(d) Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle
Ans.(c) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

Q5. International Olympic Committee decided to remove two games from the Olympics starting with 2020 Olympic Games. Find out these two from the options.
(a) Free Style Wrestling and 200m free style swimming
(b) Free Style Wrestling and Greco-Roman
(c) Free Style Wrestling and equestrian show jumping
(d) Free Style Wrestling and 3-K cross country foot race
Ans.(b) Free Style Wrestling and Greco-Roman

Q6.Who is chosen by the members of RajyaSabha?
(a) Chair Person
(b) Deputy Chairman
(c) President
(d) Vice-President
Ans.(b) Deputy Chairman

Q7.Who is the leader of the house in 15th LokSabha?
(a) Meira Kumar
(b) Sonia Gandhi
(c) Sushil Kumar Shinde
(d) None of these
Ans(c) Sushil Kumar Shinde

Q8. Barack H. Obama has been recently reelected as President of USA, defeating Republican Challenger?
(a)    Joe Bide  (b) Mitt Romney  (c) Jesse Kelly  (d) Kelving Mc Carthy 
Ans.(b) Mitt Romney

Q9. Which Indian State has the lowest record of Population density having just 17 per square kilometer?
(a) Arunachal Pradesh  (b) Misoram  (c) Nagaland  (d) Sikikim
Ans.(a) Arunachal Pradesh

Q10. Branch of Biology that deals with the study of fungi is called?
(a) Algology  (b) Phycology  (c) Mycology  (d) Microbiology
Ans.(c) Mycology

Q11. The latitude difference between India & Pakistan for their standard time is

(a)   8’  (b)  7.5’  (c)   7’ (d)  8.5’
Ans. (b) 7.5’

Q12. Sound travels faster in Solids than in gases, because:

(a)  Modulas of elasticity is more than that of gases
(b)  Sound cannot travel through gases
(c)  Density of solid is more
(d)  Sound is an electromagnetic wave
Ans.(c) Density of solid is more

Q13. In India proclamation of emergency is made in

(a)  Article 356  (b)  Article 359  (c)  Article 352  (d)  Article 360
Ans. (c) Article 352

Q14. The Earth is spherical in shape except for some flattening on some portions. This flattening is at the:

(a)  Tropics  (b)  66 & 1^2’ North & South  (c)  Equator  (d)  Poles
Ans.(d) Poles

Q15. Which one of the fundamental rights was recently included as per the 93rdamendment of the constitution?

(a)  Right to free and compulsory education for all children in the 6 to 14 age group
(b)  Right to equality
(c)  Right to constitutional remedies
(d)  Right to freedom of religion
Ans. (a) Right to free and compulsory education for all children in the 6 to 14 age group

Q16. LIBOR, a term used in banking and financial sector
(a)  London Inter Bank Offered Rate  (b)  London inter bureau of regulations
(c)  Local Indian bank offered rate
(d)  Liberal International Bank official ratio

Ans.(a) London Inter Bank Offered Rate

Q17. Gross National Product (GNP) of a country is sum of the market value of all goods and services produced in a year:
(a) Plus Market value of import  (b) Minus foreign aid  (c) Plus export earnings
(d) Plus net income from abroad
Ans. (d) Plus net income from abroad

Q18. Identify illiterate among the following:
(a) Akbar  (b) Shahjahan  (c) Jahangir  (d) Aurangazeb
Ans. (a) Akbar

Q19. Russia is expected to supply Admiral Gorshkov by 2013 end. What is ‘Admiral Gorshkov’:
(a) Aircraft Carrier  (b) Tank  (c) Rifles  (d) Space Craft  Ans. (a) Aircraft Carrier

Q20. Which state has emerged as the best-performing state in terms of Environmental Performance Index(EPI) released by Planning Commission in 2012?
(a) Sikkim  (b) Himachal Pradesh  (c) Kerala  (d) Uttarakhand
Ans. (d) Uttarakhand

Q21. Match List-I with List-II
List-I                                                  List-II
1. Jawaharlal Nehru Port                A. TamilNadu
2. Paradip Port                                 B. Maharashtra
3. Kandla Port                                   C. Odisha
4. Ennore Port                                  D. Gujarat

(a) 1-D, 2-C, 3-B, 4-A
(b) 1-B, 2-C, 3-D, 4-A
(c) 1-D, 2-A, 3-B, 4-C
(d) 1-B, 2-A, 3-B, 4-C
Ans. 1-B, 2-C, 3-D, 4-A

Q22. Curie point is a temperature at which
(a) Matter becomes radioactive
(b) A magnetic material undergo a sharp change in the magnetic properties
(c) A metal loses conductivity
(d) Transmutation of metal occurs
Ans. (b) A magnetic material undergo a sharp change in the magnetic properties

Q23. In which organization headed by Chittaranjan Das, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose worked as a chief executive officer?
(a) Calcutta Transways
(b) Kolkata Municipal Corporation
(c) Bengal Railways
(d) Calcutta University
Ans. (b) Kolkata Municipal Corporation

Q24. What does 10th schedule of constitution of India contain?
(a) Languages
(b) Provisions relating to disqualification on ground of defection
(c)The three lists- Union, State & concurrent
(d) Allocation of seats in the council of states
Ans. (b) Provisions relating to disqualification on ground of defection

Q25. What is the cap of minimum vote a political party must secure in election to get the status of a State party as decided by the election commission of India?
(a) 8% of total valid votes polled in state assembly or Loksabha Polls
(b) 9% of total valid votes polled in state assembly or Loksabha Polls
(c) 7% of total valid votes polled in state assembly or Loksabha Polls
(d) 6% of total valid votes polled in state assembly or Loksabha Polls
Ans. 8% of total valid votes polled in state assembly or Loksabha Polls

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Indian Civil Services

Civil  Service  Examination  2012  result  has  been  announced 
First rank  holder  from  Kerala
To  see the  list  of  winners
Please  click 
A  Real  picture  of Civil   Service  Exam  from  2007 to  2011
Prelims Applied
Prelims Appeared
Mains applied

Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT) which involves 1 paper on general studies and 1 paper on aptitude test
Main test which has 9 papers, followed by an interview.
The Civil Services Exam is conducted for the recruitment of various administrative services of the government including Indian Revenu Service (IRS), Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and more.
must be a minimum of 21 years of age or maximum of 30 years of age on the first august of the year of the examination. The age restrictions on the Civil Services Exams may be relaxed for students from scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes, disabled Defence personnel, and a few more. 
Minimum educational qualification  ----------------    must hold a degree from any recognised state, central or deemed university
If you   would like  to  appear for  civil  service exam   -  please click   Question  Bank     to  get question  paper  for  previous   year  examination  of   Civil  service  exam

Stage I: Preliminary examination - This is qualifying test held in May/June every year. Notification for this is published in December/January. Results are published in the first half of August.

Stage II: Main examination - This is the main test, held in October/November every year. Results are usually published in the second week of March.

Stage III: Personality Test (Interview) - It is the final test and is held in April/May every year. Final results are usually announced a few days before the next preliminary examination.

If you  want to  know  the real  position  of  civil  service  examination  2013 
Please  click     CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION 2013
Please  visit