Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Here  we are  providing     solved  paper  of  IPO  exam   2016   Paper  I ( question  no  1  to  15)

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1.       what  are  the  mode  of  payment  of postage  on  unregistered  stamps

Postage stamps , Impression  of  franking  machine  Prepayment  of  Postage in  cash 
2.       What  is  the  fee  for recall   of  article 

Rs    6 per article 
3.       Who  can  have  a  PO  identification card

Only  Literate Person s                           (clause 63 of the Post Office Guide - Part I )

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

IPO Exam 2016 Paper IV Question No 51 to 80

Here  we  are  providing      solved  paper  IV   IPO  Exam  2016 -   Question  No  51  to  80

IPO  Exam     2016     Paper    IV       Question  no  51to  80
51 A  shepherd  had   27  sheep.  All  but    10 died . How  many  he  is  left  with  ?

52  Painting     Artist  Symphony  …
53 Doctor  Nurse  follower 
54 Reena  is  twice   AS  OLD   AS  Sunita . Three years ago    She  was   three  times as old as Sumita . How Old is Reena Now  ?
12 Years

55 In a  code language   Madras  written   as  NBESBT . How    is  BOMBAY  coded in that language
56 Choose the word  which  is  least  like  the other words
57 Choose the word  which  is  least  like  the other words

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Monday, 24 October 2016

IPO Examination 2016 - Questions with Answer - Paper IV Question No 1 to 50

Here   we  are  providing     solved  Paper  from IPO  Examination  2016  -  Paper  IV
Question    1  to   50  ,

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1.       Gramapani    sanctuary    is  located   in      ………………………….                               (

2.       Entomology    is  the  science    that  studies


3.       What  is  common  between   R  K   Lakshmanan   ,  Kutty  and  Sudhir  Das   


4.       Which    of  the following     was    Satyajit    Ray  associated    with   

Film  Direction 

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