Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Here  we are  providing     solved  paper  of  IPO  exam   2016   Paper  I ( question  no  1  to  15)

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1.       what  are  the  mode  of  payment  of postage  on  unregistered  stamps

Postage stamps , Impression  of  franking  machine  Prepayment  of  Postage in  cash 
2.       What  is  the  fee  for recall   of  article 

Rs    6 per article 
3.       Who  can  have  a  PO  identification card

Only  Literate Person s                           (clause 63 of the Post Office Guide - Part I )

To  download  question  with  answer  Paper  I   ( 1 to  15)   Please   click  here  

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  1. There is no fee for registration of news paper within due date. Question 13