Monday, 13 August 2012

Common terms related with legislature- Study material for IPO Examination

By  election
Special election to  a seat rendered vacant during the term of an elected person
Temporary union of political parties for a special purpose
A political unit on which a number of smaller political units  political units devolve certain power over themselves and their citizens
Prosecution of a very high public  official by the legislature for alleged offences otherwise beyond the normal reach of law
Mid  -term election
An election to the legislature before completion pf its full term usually because of dissolution
Direct vote of electors on  a political issue of importance
Proportional representation
A system under which a legislature reflects the strength of the various political parties among the electorate at large
Question Hour
Session of the legislature usually begins  with question hour in which members can ask question on any aspect of administration
The formal adoption by   a state of a treaty signed by its representatives It is effected by  an exchange of documents , embodying their formal adoption of the treaty , between the states concerned
A reference of a particular Political  question  to  the electorate  for  a direct  decision by  a popular vote
Form  of government  without a monarch
Snap Vote
A  vote taken  unexpectedly  without voters having been  briefed in advance
Supplementary  question 
The question asked  in  parliament based on  the answer to  the main  question
Zero  Hour 
Time allotted in the house  every day  for  miscellaneous business  ie  call  attention  notice  , questions on official  statements and adjournment  motions
Adult franchise
The voting right conferred on  every adult  without  distinction   to  elect  any  candidates
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